When a dispute arises over probate, trusts or guardianship, it takes a knowledgeable attorney to identify the issue, determine an effective strategy for its resolution, and successfully execute that strategy.

At Campbell Green LLP, we are experienced litigators with a strong record of success representing our clients’ interests in estate litigation. Our lawyers have found that success in litigation takes experience, preparation and a tireless commitment to the best interests of our clients.

We have successfully guided many clients through litigation involving:

  • Probate — We help personal representatives, beneficiaries and other interested parties resolve will contests and other disagreements, including the choice of the personal representative, that arise during the probate process. We strive to help our clients avoid protracted litigation, manage their costs and preserve family relationships whenever possible.
  • Trusts — We represent the interests of trustees whose actions as trustee are being questioned, as well as beneficiaries and other parties that are concerned about a trustee’s actions or alleged breach of fiduciary responsibilities. We have helped clients succeed in litigation stemming from a variety of trust disputes, including disagreements over the settlor’s legal capacity, whether the settlor was subject to undue influence when creating the trust or whether the trust settlor influenced by fraud or duress.
  • Conservatorships and elder abuse — When a senior’s physical and financial safety are at stake, our attorneys have the experience to efficiently pursue litigation to a successful end.

Candid, Pragmatic Advice & Counsel

In matters involving estates, trusts or conservatorship, these disputes often have deeply personal implications and can affect the entire future of an individual or family. While these issues may be contentious, we often encourage clients to take a measured approach, using methods like negotiation and mediation to come to an agreement rather than pursuing the matter in court. As a small boutique firm, our attorneys have the opportunity to constantly discuss case strategy and support each other in finding creative solutions. However, when these options are not tenable, we are prepared to fight on our clients’ behalf.

Contact Us For Advice About Litigation

Our lawyers are well-known and respected by the legal community throughout the Bay Area because of our knowledge and skillful representation of clients. We are committed to helping you understand your estate planning options, and make the best choice for you and your family.

If you would like to learn more about our practice or speak to one of our experienced estate planning attorneys, please contact us at 510-832-0742 to arrange a consultation.