Conservatorships & Elder Protection


A conservator is someone appointed to care for the person or the estate of an adult who is no longer able to care for himself or herself or his or her legal and financial affairs. A conservatorship may be appropriate for an elderly relative or an adult with a disability. A choice of conservator can be expressed beforehand in a legal estate planning document, such as a will or health care directive, which will be taken into consideration by the court in determining what is in the person’s best interests.

At Campbell Green LLP, we have developed an effective, comprehensive conservatorship practice. We can assist in the creation of a document nominating a conservator, in preparing a petition for conservatorship to be filed with the court, or in litigating disputes over:

  • Validity of powers of attorney and other advance directives
  • Whether the alleged disabled person needs a guardian or conservator
  • Who is the most appropriate guardian or conservator for the disabled person
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Removal of fiduciaries
  • Elder abuse and financial exploitation
  • Citations to recover assets

We understand the high stakes in these matters, and we have helped many families resolve them successfully. We also have extensive experience representing professional fiduciaries. Often appointment of a neutral professional fiduciary is appropriate when family members can’t agree on who should be appointed conservator or there are no family members available.

Established Attorneys For Conservatorships

If you need assistance seeking a conservatorship, protecting an elderly loved one or pursuing your interests in litigation involving an elder, contact us to find out how we can help you meet your goals. Please send us an email or call 510-832-0742 and one of our lawyers will respond promptly.

Minor’s Compromise In California

When a minor receives a large sum of money — for example, as part of a court settlement — the minor may not legally sign for it until he or she reaches the age of 18. A minor’s compromise is a legal proceeding to obtain court approval of such a settlement or compromise involving a minor.

At Campbell Green LLP, we represent the interests of minors, adults with developmental disabilities, their guardians and other interested parties in matters involving minor’s compromise.

Elder Abuse

Whether it takes the form of physical abuse or neglect, financial manipulation, fraud or coercion, elder abuse is inexcusable. At Campbell Green LLP in Oakland, California, we are strong advocates for seniors and their loved ones. We are dedicated to helping people meet the legal challenges of aging, including elder abuse prevention and litigation.

Protecting Seniors Against Elder Abuse

When someone is being abused, neglected or taken advantage of, prompt action is essential to stop the abuse and take the appropriate legal action. We use a variety of methods to stop and prevent this misconduct:

  • Pursuing elder abuse restraining orders, a quick way to stop abuse while seeking other relief such as a conservatorship or lawsuit
  • Taking civil action against the abuser with an elder abuse lawsuit
  • Designating a conservator or a guardian at litem who can bring a lawsuit on the victim’s behalf

Our attorneys are dynamic litigators who do not hesitate to go to trial if it serves our clients’ best interests. With decades of collective experience in matters of elder law, we know what it takes to succeed in these cases and how to pursue the best possible results.

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If you or a senior you love has been subjected to abuse or neglect by a family member or caretaker, do not hesitate; seek advice from a qualified elder law attorney who can help you assert your rights and fix the situation.

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